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Are Downstairs Bathrooms an Option?

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 9:46 pm

A downstairs bathroom might be an option for your home, depending on the layout. Some older, terraced houses might have a bathroom in an extension built onto the back, especially if there used to be an outdoor bathroom. This can sometimes work better with the design of your home, meaning that you can use the space for other things, like an extra bedroom or a study.

Of course, it might be less convenient to have a bathroom downstairs. If the house is long and thing, you might have to go through rooms like a kitchen to get to the bathroom, which isn’t especially convenient. If the bathroom is also housed in an extension, it’s possible that it might be more prone to damp.

It is essentially down to personal preference. The main bonus is the extra space upstairs, and if you buy a home with a downstairs bathroom, you might get it at a lower price.

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