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Choosing a Suitable Tile Trim for your Bathroom

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 6:19 pm

Tile trim is a very individual thing that will depend on a lot of things. It is widely accepted that it is needed though because it serves to make the tiles look finished. Tile trim sits around the edges to neaten everything up and make rough-edged tiles look neater, so they will really help your tiling project along.

Make sure that any tile trim you are considering is actually compatible with the tiles you have. It will need to fit, and be the right length, and be a suitable shape. Tile trim comes in rounded, square and other various shapes, so the one you pick needs to be right for the space you have.

If you are going to use tile trim in your bathroom, look at the rest of the room to choose the finish. Go for something that is a contrast, or match it up with your tiles. Just be aware that it needs to be a good match, or it will look unusual.

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