Getting Great Value Plumbing Trade Supplies

Posted on October 12, 2021 at 1:10 pm

In the plumbing trade, not everything comes as cheap as you might like. Everything can be overpriced if you don’t know where to shop, from small items like copper fittings and plastic fittings, right through to sanitaryware. Being able to get good value is very important so finding the ideal plumbing trade supplies that are both high quality and affordable will be key to succeeding in your career and making the most of your business.

One key thing to remember is that trade suppliers will offer cheaper prices across the board for many different plumbing supplies, and they will often have better stock than a high street store as well because they are geared up for working with the trade. This means that if you want to get something early in the morning when starting your day, they should have it available (and their opening hours will generally be based around trade hours as well, helping you plan your workload). If you can find that one essential plumbing trade supplier, this can change your whole way of working. Equally, if you can find trade supplies online and order what you need this way, there may be the opportunity to get some even better prices. This will involve ordering the products you need online and arranging suitable delivery, so you may need to be more organised, but this can guarantee you some of the best prices around. When you open an account with a company that is a trade plumbing supplier, then you will have access to all of their discounts and can pass this on to your customers, helping you to keep your prices reasonable as well and securing you more business. It is important to have good quality, reliable, low cost plumbing supplies to hand when you are thinking about how best to scale up your business.

There is a wide range of plumbing supplies that you can get hold of from an online supplier. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Copper and plastic fittings. You will be able to get a wide range of supplies, including end feed copper fittings, compression chrome fittings, flexible tap connectors, valves, flexible rubber couplings, wate pipes and fittings, and plastic pipe clips.
  • Gas and oil pipeline supplies. These might include catering hoses, gas cocks, gas restrictor tubes, piping and more.
  • Valves and brassware, like compression brass fittings, brass pipe plumbing fittings, check valves, gate valves and more.
  • Toilet cistern flush and fill valves
  • Pipe brackets and clips
  • Tools and sundries
  • Pipe insulation

Of course, there will be many more things that are essential to your business – these are just examples and many plumbing trade supplies can be bought directly online at your convenience. These are some tips for securing the best value:

  • Order the supplies that you use on a regular basis (perhaps like fixtures and fittings and consumables) in bulk. This will save on delivery costs.
  • Open a trade account.
  • Stick with one trade supplier and look out for discounts and offers.

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Different styles of tubs

Posted on July 27, 2014 at 3:49 pm

There are several types of bathtubs available to choose from, we like the free-standing style. You have 2 main types of tubs that can be positioned in the centre of a room. They are the obvious free-standing and the drop-in bathtubs.
Free-standing tubs used to be extremely expensive, a decent one could set you back a good couple of thousand pounds or more, but you can get some now for under £500! This is fantastic as it makes your dream bathroom that much easier to achieve. In this style you can also get Slipper and Clawfoot tubs.
Drop-in bathtubs can be an even cheaper alternative to the free-standing. Usually you have a framed box that the bath tub simply drops into, the alcove type of tub can sit into the frame as they usually have their own rim. It’s then up to you to choose the type of covering for your “bath box”. You can tile it, cover it with Corian or even stone for a more expensive look.

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Bathroom TVs

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 7:14 pm

The world is now full of amazing opportunities when it comes to technology, even in the bathroom. More and more people are opting to install bathroom TVs, and they are actually now rather cost effective.

It can be quite a unique feeling to be able to catch up with your latest shows in the bathroom, and bathroom TVs have even been installed in stand-up showers, as well as being wall mounted for those relaxing in the bathtub.

Times have certainly moved on from the bathroom radio device, and having a tv in the bathroom is surely a much better option, and it can mean you’re caught up with the news before you’ve even had time to brush your teeth.

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Adding Stylish Bathroom Features

Posted on November 28, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Sometimes the smallest details can make your bathroom much more classy and sophisticated, and you don’t always need to change your bathroom from top to bottom. The taps on the wash hand basin and the bathtub (if you have one) can be updated for a contemporary style. We recommend a chrome swan neck mixer tap for its sheer class, while it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain, plus the chrome finish will ensure it gleams in the light.

Another feature that could be changed to bring a different style is the toilet lid. Today toilet seat lids and tank covers can come in a variety of patters. They don’t have to be plain white, and if you can find one that work with the colour scheme in your bathroom, it could make your bathroom look much more desirable.

Changing the lights in the bathroom can be another beneficial addition. Spotlights are extremely stylish, while using bulbs that give off warm white light can help to create a luxurious atmosphere.

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