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Frameless shower enclosures for your bathroom

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 6:45 pm

Frameless products and furniture are becoming rather important in today’s world. We don’t just want bulky, boring industrial items; we want them to appear delicate, designer and elegant. That’s exactly what a frameless style can bring to a bathroom.

Of course, as mentioned it’s not just bathrooms, TVs are now sold with a frameless style and the same design is incorporated into shower enclosures. The benefit of a frameless shower enclosure is definitely its class. At first glass it will appear to be made completely of glass, which definitely helps to give it an expensive look.

And obviously there is some frame there, otherwise it wouldn’t stay up. Frames enclosures are still strong, but they only have a very small tray, while many come with smoked ghlass options for added lavishness.

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